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Sleep More, Snore Less...

Snore Strips are Nasal Pull Strips

       Open Airways by Over 61% vs 30% Traditional Nasal Strips

Go On Cheeks Not Over Nose to PULL OPEN Nasal Passages  Drug-Free Instant Relief

How They Work

Based on a Proven Medical Maneuver to Opens Airways our Strips work by gently pulling the skin to the right and left of the nostrils.   

Snore Strips Video 

Customer Testimonials

After wrestling as an upper-weight at a division I university, and eventually transferring to play college football-acquiring muscle and body mass was a must-unfortunately snoring came along for the ride. Before Snore Strips I had tried other similar, but less effective products, which led me to many loud snoring nights, and rough mornings from a less-than-quality night of breathing during sleep. Thanks to seeing Stuffy Nose Strips on HBO's "Hard Knocks" I am no longer annoying my fiance and I'm waking up refreshed and ready to tackle my day as a middle school teacher and coach. Snore Strips worked for me, and I wouldn't use any other brand!

— Andy

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