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  • Based on a Proven Medical Technique used by Doctors to Open Airways


  • STOP SNORING - NEW! - Snore Strips Work by Gently Pulling Skin to the Left and Right of the Nose towards the ears. Snore Strips Open Airways by Over 61% vs 30% for Traditional Nose Strips! - Use 1 Strip for relief Use 2 Strips for Maximum Benefit.


  • PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA!!! - NASAL STRIPS THAT GO ON CHEEKS - Not over Noses like Traditional Nose Strips to Pull Open Nasal Passages. Take your fingers and pull this region of the skin towards your ears you will INSTANTLY feel the difference.


  • SNORE STOPPER -BREATHE INSTANTLY Provides Natural Drug-Free Snoring Relief!




  • SLEEP AID - Receive more restful sleep and be more Productive - NEW LARGER VALUE BOX with 30% More Strips - 40 COUNT

Snore Strips - Sleep More Snore Less

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  • Stop Snoring with a New Snoring Solution!

    Introducing the next generation of Nasal Strips known as Nasal Pull Strips! Snore Strips are comfortable skin friendly elastic bands that GO ON CHEEKS NOT OVER THE NOSE. PULL open airways allowing you to breathe INSTANTLY providing Natural drug-free Snoring relief! Strips are based on a proven medical technique used by ENT's known as the Cottle Maneuver. They work by gently pulling the skin to the left and right of the nose.

    Our strips open nasal passages twice as much as traditional nose strips. In a recent study performed Snore Strips opened airways by over 61% vs an average of 30% for strips that go over the nose. Snoring and the inability to receive proper sleep is a major issue that is responsible for putting significant strains on relationships. Current snoring products on the market are cumbersome and don't effectively address snoring relief especially in a comfortable manner.

    Try Snore Strips Out Today!

    "Sleep More, Snore Less!"

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